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Comprehensive Guide: Ensuring a Restful Journey with Your Baby on a Plane

how to make baby sleep on plane


Welcome to babymusiclullaby.com, your go-to source for expert tips on traveling with a baby. We understand the challenges of ensuring a peaceful journey for both you and your little one. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with invaluable advice on helping your baby sleep on a plane, making your travel experience enjoyable and stress-free. Let’s dive in!

Preparing for the Flight

A smooth and comfortable journey starts with proper preparation. Follow these steps to set the stage for a restful flight with your baby:

1. Booking the Right Seat

Choose your seat strategically to maximize comfort and convenience. Consider the following options:

  • Opt for a bassinet seat if available. These seats come with built-in bassinets that provide a cozy sleeping space for your baby during the flight.
  • Select an aisle seat for easy access to the cabin and more freedom to move around with your little one.
  • Consider booking a seat in the front of the cabin, as it tends to be quieter and less crowded.

2. Packing Essential Items

Ensure you have all the necessary items to keep your baby comfortable throughout the flight:

  • Pack a soft blanket and a small pillow to provide extra coziness during sleep.
  • Bring your baby’s favorite comfort items, such as a stuffed animal or a familiar blanket, to create a sense of security.
  • Don’t forget to pack diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag for quick and easy access.

During the Flight

Once onboard, there are several techniques you can employ to help your baby sleep peacefully during the flight:

1. Timing Is Key

Try to schedule the flight during your baby’s usual naptime or bedtime. This increases the likelihood of them naturally falling asleep during the flight.

2. Comfortable Attire

Dress your baby in comfortable and breathable clothing. Opt for layers, as the temperature on the plane can vary. Ensure your baby is not overheated or too cold, as this can disrupt their sleep.

3. Cozy Sleeping Environment

Create a cozy sleeping environment to encourage your baby to doze off. Consider the following tips:

  • Use a lightweight and portable baby blanket as a makeshift curtain to block out excess light.
  • Play soothing background noise, such as white noise or soft lullabies, to drown out cabin sounds.
  • Adjust the overhead air vent to provide a gentle airflow and regulate the temperature around your baby.

4. Familiar Sleep Routine

Recreate a semblance of your baby’s bedtime routine onboard. Follow these steps:

  • Dim the cabin lights and create a calm atmosphere around your seating area.
  • Engage in familiar soothing activities, such as singing a lullaby or reading a favorite bedtime story.
  • Use gentle rocking or patting motions to lull your baby into a peaceful slumber.


Traveling with a baby can be a rewarding experience when you know how to ensure their comfort and well-being on a plane. By following our expert tips, you can help your baby sleep peacefully during the flight, making the journey enjoyable for everyone involved. Remember to plan ahead, create a cozy environment, and stick to familiar routines. For more travel advice and parenting tips, check other articles on the menu of our website.

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